We will encourage curiosity, listen thoughtfully, and provide your child with warmth and love.

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this is us

Jess’s sister is a huge part of our support system!

About Jess by Tim

What makes Jess truly special is the thoughtfulness she pours into everything–from her job to her creative art to tracking down the perfect gift for a friend.

As a future mom, Jess’s perseverance and imagination will shine through. She can’t wait to see the wonder in a child’s eyes as they pick veggies from our patio garden or watch fireflies at night for the first time.

Jess collaborates with pre-K – 12th grade teachers and childhood education experts at a nonprofit. She brings creativity into classrooms, helping young people express who they really are through art and writing.

Tim’s at home racing through the woods.

About Tim by Jess

Tim lives life to the fullest! He can turn everyday moments, like discovering a lost sock in the laundry, into playful adventures that fill our home with laughter.

Tim can’t wait to start hiking with a tiny explorer by his side, teaching them about river otters, black bears, and box turtles.

Tim is a university professor, an author, and a game designer. When he’s not working closely with his students, Tim is trail-running through the mountains, fishing with friends, or snuggling up on the couch with our cats.

Tim teaches little writers about storytelling.

Jess brings out her students’ imaginations and smiles.

our love story

Our story began in graduate school – after class one day, Tim asked Jess out for coffee. Three hours later, we hadn’t stopped talking!

This was the start of a loving friendship that’s the foundation of our marriage to this day. We were married seven years ago, surrounded by loved ones who are now cheering us on every step of the way as we become parents.